Not Reconciled by Marcelo Expósito in Valparaiso


CRAC Valparaiso and Espacio G are pleased to invite this Thursday 10th of Sept at 19:30hrs to the video projection of the Spanish artist Marcelo Expósito. The event will be at Espacio G, Fisher 25 Cerro Concepción, Valparaíso. Following the video projection there will be a debate and discussion of his work “Not Reconciled”.


Marcelo Expósito

“Not Reconciled” (nobody knows what a body can do)

127 min / 2009

Filmed in Argentina during the past 4 years, “No Reconciled” (nobody knows what a body can do) is a film freely based on the theatre play Maquina Hamlet by German dramaturge Heiner Müller. The theatre group “El Periférico de Objetos” in Buenos Aires has interpreted this play during the 1990’s. It is a journey through the construction of social collective groups as well as political and art activist organisations such as Arte en la Kallem, Grupo de Arte Callejero, Colectivo Etcétera.

More information on Marcelo Expósito’s work: 

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